How can we improve ourselves to do better tomorrow than we did today


The world is in a stage of exponential growth. Each industry segment is going to be disrupted. If companies don't innovate they die. Contact me to help and support the innovation.


The world is changing quickly. All physical items get their digital Twin. Internet of things, big data and artificial intelligence ar the big topics now a days. Cloud computing is already main stage. Contact me if you want to launch new digitalized services.

Cloud Computing

Although cloud is getting mainstream, most companies are not getting the most out of the cloud. Service providers do not really know how to launch services. Contact me if you need support

I am a SaaS and Cloud expert, trainer and public speaker with over thirty years of combined market intelligence, competitive intelligence and service launching experience. My focus has been on transforming companies from traditional product selling to cloud and saas service companies. I’ve spoken at more than 60 events to hundreds of professionals about the future of IT and the power of disruptive innovations

I have strong leadership skill, people and project management skills, passionate drive, with the reputation of building successful cohesive teams. Strong strategic and analytic skills resulting in quickly adapting to new markets and new market situations.

My success is derived from my abilities to leverage stakeholders relationships, having a in-depth knowledge of Cloud and SaaS market developments, getting things done, acting, and my interest in innovation and the process that are required to drive innovation.

BUILDING COMMUNITIES : Successfully developed and launched Community Cloudservice for the Higher education sector in the Netherlands, set up a SaaS4Channel community to exchange knowledge and build partner channels.
ENTREPRENEURIAL : Started SAAS company in healthcare and grew it to several thousand users, started Centre4Cloud (with IBM, Google, KPN) the Cloud Computing knowledge institute, participated in management buyout of SaaS-ERP company
BUSINESS TRAINER : Developed training for Go-opleidingen, SaaS4Channel and Global Knowledge on Cloud, SaaS, innovations, marketing and Sales.
MARKETING SALES : Marketing and business development director of ISP and Telecom company launching their complete portfolio and building revenue from 0 to several million €
TRANSFORMATION : Strategic Guidance of several software companies from ISV to successful SAAS company.
PROGRAM/PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Projects for major companies, most recently launched a personal storage service for the DUTCH Geant member.

You can hire me as a freelancer. Call +31 6 45454986

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